Get Satisfaction Helps ServiceRocket Exceed Customers’ Expectations for Quick Self-Service Support and Open Communication

The Get Satisfaction online community platform reduces inbound support requests and helps ServiceRocket find new prospects

San Francisco – September 30th, 2014 -- Get Satisfaction, the leader in online community platforms, today announced that ServiceRocket’s customer community—built and hosted by Get Satisfaction and launched in 2008—has enabled ServiceRocket’s customers and prospects to get questions answered and resolve issues more rapidly, and has sharply reduced the volume of inbound support requests. ServiceRocket, a major provider of training, support, implementation, and tools that help software companies and non-tech enterprises and their customers get the full value from their software investments, also said the community has helped it find new prospects.

Many of the largest software providers and non-tech enterprises in the industry, including Adobe Systems, Bayer, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, and Symantec, use various ServiceRocket service solutions to scale their enterprise. As experts in software and support, ServiceRocket must keep pace with any technology that will help it outperform across those two areas. ServiceRocket’s customers expect technology-enabled interactions in addition to traditional tech support so a completely transparent, fully accountable, and highly actionable online customer experience is mission-critical for ServiceRocket. Get Satisfaction’s platform has proven to be a valuable asset to meet growing demands for self-service.

Seamless integration with Salesforce Service Cloud

Today, ServiceRocket’s online community is a gathering place for nearly 3,000 members to ask questions, share problems and potential solutions, and share ideas in thousands of ongoing conversations. The community members benefit from both the specialized expertise of more than 100 highly trained ServiceRocket software engineers in the U.S., Australia, and Malaysia, and from each other. An added benefit is the creation of a deep knowledge base of questions and answers for community visitors. The online community integrates seamlessly with ServiceRocket’s Salesforce Service Cloud customer support system, making it possible to instantly convert a community conversation to a support ticket for one-to-one resolution.

ServiceRocket wanted to steer clear of forum technology that was only usable by a technical customer. The goal was to be accessible and friendly for any kind of end user. The ability to embed community in places where customers need it most, like within a product or on a Facebook page, was another selling point.

Talking Straight

“The online community model was natural for ServiceRocket because we have always prided ourselves on our ‘talk straight’ values, and customer communities lend themselves to open and honest conversations,” said ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda. “Our online community has given our customers and prospects the option they wanted to resolve issues on their own. The additional big benefit is that community self-service has allowed our in-house support staff to focus on the more complex issues.”

ServiceRocket’s community has not only improved customer service and support; it has also assisted the company in finding new prospects. The content in the Get Satisfaction platform is uniquely structured to rank higher in search engines. This optimized search content drives more traffic to the site where visitors can find information related to ServiceRocket’s support offerings and products.

“ServiceRocket’s community shows the value that online communities can bring to companies that care deeply about their customers,” added Rahul Sachdev, CEO, Get Satisfaction. “The confidence and trust that come from open, honest community interaction is a key competitive differentiator. Other benefits that ServiceRocket reports such as support ticket reduction and finding new prospects, can directly impact a company’s bottom line.”

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