Get Satisfaction Turns Social Conversations into Revenue by Empowering Brands to Engage with Customers Anywhere

Extends Get Satisfaction Anywhere to Bring the Power of Relevant Social Conversations to Any Online Touch Point

San Francisco, CA — May 1, 2012

What if your prospects could easily engage with your best customers, anywhere they wanted? Get Satisfaction, the leading customer engagement platform that powers 65,000 online customer communities for companies of all sizes, today announced significant enhancements to its customer engagement platform that expands the company’s Get Satisfaction Anywhere strategy. Get Satisfaction Anywhere enables companies to engage with their customers anywhere they are: on their websites, within Facebook, via organic search and on mobile devices.

Today’s announcement introduces Get Satisfaction Engage, a new widget architecture that allows community managers and business users to easily embed their customer communities in multiple online touch points within their websites and across product, e-commerce, and support pages. Get Satisfaction Engage brings the power of social conversations to web properties at any granular level. Get Satisfaction Engage is in limited availability today to select customers. General availability to all customers and prospects will be on May 30th, 2012.

“For the first time, companies now can blend social conversations anywhere on their website instead of relegating social to separate ‘destination channels’ such as Facebook or forums,” said Wendy Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction. “Now customer conversations and advocacy – the essential purchase drivers in today’s socially connected world - can be an integral part of any e-commerce site or web page, accelerating customer acquisition.”

Get Satisfaction Engage Capabilities

  • In Context — Present pertinent social conversations such as Q&A, testimonials and praise that are contextually relevant to specific product, e-commerce, support and marketing landing pages.
  • Branded Community — Easily configure the look and feel of the customer community to your corporate brand.
  • Inline User Experience — Embed customer community on any page of the brand site so that customers and prospects can engage in conversations without leaving the page.
  • Configurability — Designate the functionality, content and headings for each instance of the embedded community to match its specific goals. For example, configure an ecommerce product page with only praise conversations or a support page with question and answer conversations.
  • Self-service — Community managers can – in minutes – update customer communities as needs change, with no IT or webmaster help.
  • Powering Company Initiatives with Social Conversations — Get Satisfaction opens a whole new world of how social customer conversations transform businesses by easily fitting into their marketing, e-commerce, customer support and product development initiatives.
  • Social marketing — Connect prospects to customers and brand advocates to build brand and acquire more customers. Present relevant topics and conversations next to each specific product on its product page.
  • E-commerce — Increase purchase completion rates by presenting shoppers with customer-generated answers to pre-sales questions and product praise without leaving the purchase flow.
  • Social customer service and support — Help customers find fast resolution and make sure questions are answered, ideas are heard and problems are solved regardless of where interactions take place. Quickly identify and resolve the top customer support issues.
  • Product development — Implement a customer driven outside-in product development approach by getting actionable feedback on product and service requirements. Easily create a social community for trial or beta customers where they can interact with each other and explore ideas and uses for products and services.

"We are implementing Get Satisfaction Engage so that we can more seamlessly integrate our community throughout our eLearning product suite," said Kishore Balakrishman, Program Manager at Adobe Systems. "This allows our customers to share their best practices with each other within the appropriate context."

About Get Satisfaction

Headquartered in San Francisco, Get Satisfaction helps companies create engaging customer experiences by fostering online conversations about their products and services at every stage of the lifecycle. Companies of all sizes, such as Intuit, Kellogg's and Sonos rely, on the Get Satisfaction Community Platform to acquire new customers, provide better service and build better products. Today, Get Satisfaction powers 70,000 active customer communities hosting more than 35 million consumers each month. For a free trial, visit

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