Get Satisfaction’s Online Community Platform Added 50+ New Enterprise Customers in 2014

Enterprises including ADP, General Electric, MTS Allstream and SoundCloud are now using Get Satisfaction to extend community support and drive customer engagement to millions of end users worldwide

San Francisco – January 28, 2015

Get Satisfaction today announced strong adoption of its flagship online customer community platform across multiple industries and geographies in 2014. More than 50 enterprise companies—including 3D Robotics, ADP, Broadview Networks, General Electric, Healthsparq, MTS Allstream, SoundCloud and University of Limerick—signed up to host their communities on Get Satisfaction’s platform, which features innovative customer engagement capabilities, enterprise-grade management tools and advanced community analytics. A number of existing customers also significantly expanded their online communities in 2014.

The Get Satisfaction community platform makes it easy for community managers as well as support and marketing professionals to dramatically increase user engagement, with gamification and badging as well as moderation and curation tools. It allows consumers to find communities from wherever they happen to be—a search engine, a Facebook page, a software application or a mobile device. With the platform, business decision-makers can analyze community performance and capture insights by tracking visits, users, page views, conversations, user sentiment and more.

“This momentum validates our strategy to deliver the most engaging community platform with the fastest time to value,” said Rahul Sachdev, CEO of Get Satisfaction. “Companies can be up and running in a matter of days with a full-featured community that modernizes support, accelerates sales and marketing and fuels product innovation.”

Several Market Segments Demonstrate Increasing Interest in the Value of Community

Get Satisfaction is seeing especially strong customer adoption across a broad set of market segments:

  • High Technology: Community gives technology companies a way to help users share tips and best practices and provide feedback. It also offers a cost-effective means of scaling support to a fast-growing customer base. New Get Satisfaction customers in this segment include Appboy, Bluenose Analytics, Broadview Networks, Coupa Software, Host Analytics, Kapost, Replicon and Qumulo.
  • Internet of Things: As everyday items become more complex, adoption is predicated on consumer education and support. Community delivers mobile-friendly support and an ideal venue for product evangelism. New customers include 3D Robotics, Chamberlain, Eyefi, General Electric and MTS Allstream.
  • Service Providers:Service providers look to communities to efficiently scale support to their large, rapidly-growing and highly mobile customer bases. New customers include ADP, Aeris Communications, Continuum, MTS Allstream and SoundCloud.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare organizations value community’s ability to enable information exchange, deliver fast answers to critical questions and extend the human element with peer-to-peer sharing. New customers include Avoca Group, Biodesix and HealthSparq.
  • Education: Educational organizations are rooted in communities of interest and knowledge-sharing. Online communities extend that charter to students who increasingly demand instant answers and always-on services. New customers include Promethean and University of Limerick.

Many of Get Satisfaction’s 1,000+ existing mid-market and enterprise customers also expanded their community initiatives in 2014, including Citrix, Proctor & Gamble, SugarCRM and Target. These expansions included deploying communities in new geographies with new languages, adding community to new product lines, widening a community’s charter beyond customer support into marketing and product innovation and integrating community with other business systems such as CRM and help desk.

New Customer Success Model, Certification Program and Expanded Integrations

Get Satisfaction achieved several operational milestones in 2014. The company reengineered its customer success model to increase customers’ return on investment. The new model includes an advanced onboarding process that identifies each new community’s business goals and outlines success strategies early on. Based on a data-driven approach, the new customer success model leverages analytics to identify and monitor usage patterns across the customer base so Get Satisfaction can proactively reach out with suggestions for how customers can stay on course.

The company launched Community Management Essentials, an on-demand professional certification course to educate community managers and others about how to get the most from online communities. This course covering all aspects of managing a high impact community is the only technology-agnostic course on the market, giving professionals exposure to proven methodologies, case studies and best practices.

Given the importance of tying community to the larger software ecosystem, Get Satisfaction continued expanding integrations with adjacent applications in CRM, help desk, knowledge management, marketing, and social media. By the end of the year, Get Satisfaction had integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Marketo, Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, GoodData and JIRA. Illustrating the need for community in the larger business software ecosystem, Get Satisfaction reported that more 200 companies had deployed a Get Satisfaction community in connection with either a Zendesk or Salesforce instance.

“Community has become a mainstream business imperative across all kinds of industries,” said Sachdev. “Companies are seeing community as an ideal way to support growth, engage with their customers and determine what the market wants from them next.”

Aligning with Three Major Industry Trends

Get Satisfaction expects three industry trends to continue driving adoption and usage of online communities:

  • Internet of Things: Consumers embracing smart “things” will need Internet-based support and education that is instantly available via any device—and community provides a low-cost way to scale to that need.
  • Social Commerce: Social media networks looking to convert “likes” into “buys” will have massive support requirements. Communities offer them a low-cost means of scaling support to hundreds of millions of users.
  • Subscription Economy: Companies offering a subscription-based business model face daily pressure to retain customers. Community provides an easy way for their end users to connect with the company and other customers to get the most value and satisfaction from the product.

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