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    When Community
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    You Win!
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Gamify your community and watch engagement multiply as you tap into the motivations that fuel your most passionate members.

5 Reasons You Need a Community With Gamification

  1. Create a compelling reward structure. Inspire members to take the right actions—answer a question, write a review, sign up for or ‘like’ something, or share a product idea.
  2. Generate friendly competition. Challenge members to get more involved. When competition heats up, so do their contributions.
  3. Make your community more fun. Gamification gives members another reason to come back.
  4. Lead to higher quality content. As members get focused on showcasing their expertise, this leads to more and better content.
  5. Accelerate the benefits of community. Peer-to-peer support improves. You capture more ideas. And word-of-mouth marketing increases.

Drew Nicholas

“With gamification, we see customers helping each other at a higher rate than before.”

Drew Nicholas
Social Media Specialist

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