Get Satisfaction's Customer Feedback Management System with Badgeville

Encourage and reward customer feedback and community activity with the Badgeville and Get Satisfaction integration



Get Satisfaction customer communities are the best place to have rich, customer-to-brand conversations. Whether your customer community is designed to field support questions, poll for product feedback, or encourage brand advocacy, the critical component to any healthy community is community member activity. By adding Badgeville’s Gamification platform to the customer feedback community, you can encourage community members to create new topics, reply to topics , or view important topics. Community behavior is then presented on the community front page, where members can see how they rank against other members.


  • Encourage New User Generated Content

    Any healthy customer community requires a steady stream of customer generated content to thrive. New content can be encouraged organically through proper placement of community entry points throughout your website property or Facebook. In addition to organic growth you can also include the Badgeville gamification platform to encourage your customers to participate in the community. Gamification has been shown to encourage and reward community members to engage in conversations with other community members. With this customer feedback system, users can see how their activity stacks up against other users and brands can even attach prizes through these campaigns to further motivate activity.
  • Reduce Support Costs

    The customer support implications of having more customer generated content are very powerful. More community topics means a wide, deeper social knowledge base that is even more discoverable via organic search. More self-service and community-sourced resolution means less time your customer support agents need to tend to the multitude of repetitive questions that can be resolved by the customer feedback community.
  • Identify Brand Champions

    Give your most passionate fans yet another reason to interact with your customer community -- bragging rights. This customer feedback system allows you to measure, score, and present user activity on the front page of your customer community your most active users and favorite customers will quickly become evident. Now you can engage them as true brand advocates, upcoming beta testers, or future focus groups.

“We use our community to improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs. Badgeville and Get Satisfaction provide world-class offerings for both gamification and customer communities, allowing us to engage with our customers in a very effective way while positively impacting our bottom line. Using both Badgeville and Get Satisfaction, we have been able to achieve an impressive 71 percent peer-to-peer support response rate.”

  • Nathan Roth
  • Community Strategist, Koodo Mobile

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