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Counting users and measuring what's popular isn't enough anymore — get meaningful data with Community Health Analytics.



If you can't measure it, it didn't happen and if it didn't happen, how do you justify the investment? Community Health Analytics helps you track the success of your customer community. Identify key growth and self-service metrics and gain insight into what works, what doesn't and what to do next. Get Satisfaction uses deep hooks into the application to provide visibility into the most essential core community health metrics to keep your community vibrant, healthy and value packed.


  • Engagement Party

    With more than 30 pre-built dashboards, you can see your impact on customers engagement, traffic, responsiveness and self-direction. We can even blend in your existing Google Analytics data to create a potluck of engagement stats.
  • So Sentimental

    Aggregate data and reporting helps you report your community's success and customer sentiments to all business units in your organization. From the top level executives to the worker bees answering the phones, everyone can see how your customer community is reducing support costs, generating new product ideas, building brand rapport and solving customer problems.
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    Community Health Analytics is currently offered with our Enterprise plans. Contact our Sales Team today to learn more.

“As a social gaming company, curating an active, user-directed community is key to our business strategy. Get Satisfaction now gives me instant and deep understanding of my community health. It's truly a breakthrough.”

  • Arielle Hoffman
  • Community Manager, Posit Science

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