Get Satisfaction's Customer Engagement Community Integration with HootSuite

A 360° View Into Customer Engagement


Whether your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels, the Hootsuite dashboard streamlines your social media customer engagement management in one central, convenient view. Now you can manage your Get Satisfaction customer community in this view as well! Reply to topics, respond to Tweets or Facebook Posts with existing Get Satisfaction community content, and create new content based on your social mentions —all from your HootSuite dashboard.


  • Opening the door to your customer engagement community

    If social media is the door consumers use to come in contact with your brand, your Get Satisfaction customer engagement community is the comfortable room you invite them into when they knock. Track consumer mentions in Twitter and Facebook, and post replies from your Get Satisfaction customer community (goodbye pesky 140 character limit!) all in one, unified Hootsuite management dashboard.
  • Build ongoing customer relationships with lasting content

    The average half-life of a tweet is 5 minutes. A Facebook post? About 80 minutes. A Get Satisfaction topic actually increases in value over time as part of the social media knowledgebase of your customer engagement community. Capture questions, ideas, and praise coming in from time-sensitive social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, and convert them into long-lasting assets in Get Satisfaction. Plus, bringing tweets and posts into your customer community makes this content indexed and searchable through Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Lower costs, faster workflows

    Many companies still treat social media like an email service channel —a way to interact one-on-one with an agent. Get Satisfaction enables the social power of many-to-many engagement by inviting customers to participate in ongoing conversations. This both delights customers by resolving their issues more quickly and saves you money by crowdsourcing your customer support, product feedback, and marketing needs.

“The ability to capture these social media conversations in our Get Satisfaction community for use by other customers, dramatically improves the productivity of our community managers. With Hootsuite and Get Satisfaction we can provide rapid response service to our customers through multiple social channels using the Get Satisfaction powered customer community for support and how-to content.”

  • Nakia Hansen
  • Director of Social Strategy at The College Board

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