Get Satisfaction and Marketo: Your Customer Community Platform as a Marketing Engine.



The Get Satisfaction customer community platform presents an outstanding marketing and engagement opportunity for brands trying to get closer to their customers. Now, with the Get Satisfaction Integration with Marketo, you can use the community as a powerful social media marketing asset. This integration lets you create new leads from active community forum members and track their behavior as they interact with the rich content that lives in the Get Satisfaction social media community. Leverage the automation machinery of Marketo to put community members in specific marketing campaigns, adjust their lead scores, or push directly to a CRM system. With this integration you’ll be able to:

  • Create new marketing leads in your Marketo system for your community members
  • Store community user behavior in Marketo as lead activity
  • Score your leads based on their activity in the social media community
  • Add community members to smart lists and smart marketing campaigns
  • Show community activity associated with leads as part of SFDC interesting moments

The Get Satisfaction Integration for Marketo requires an Enterprise version of Get Satisfaction.


  • Increase the size of the top of your funnel by including your community members
  • Increase your sales effectiveness by scoring leads based on community activity
  • Broaden your marketing content by treating community as landing pages
  • Increase your marketing footprint by using community activity as a call to action
  • Personalize your marketing to your customers based on their social media community behavior

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“Using Get Satisfaction and Marketo together will increase our marketing effectiveness as we incorporate community behavior into our marketing analytics. We're excited to build in the richness of community engagement into our marketing flows.”

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