Get Satisfaction and Yammer

Break down the walls of your social enterprise — bring Get Satisfaction community content directly into your Yammer Network.

No matter what role you play within your enterprise organization, getting closer to your customers will allow you to be more effective. With the new Get Satisfaction for Yammer Network integration, every member of your enterprise organization can easily see what people in the community are saying about your business, right in your Activity Stream./p> Yammer


Yammer’s enterprise social network brings employees closer together by creating social experiences that improve collaboration, efficiency, and company effectiveness. Now, with the Get Satisfaction for Yammer integration, employees can achieve that same closeness with the most important members of their enterprise — their customers. Break down the walls that separate you from your customers by including their feedback directly in your employees’ daily experience. This Yammer enterprise social network integration drives new topics and replies to topics from your Get Satisfaction community directly into your Yammer activity stream. Community moderators can then choose which combination of Questions, Ideas, Problems, and Praise they want to share with their employees, delivering the relevant information to the enterprise.


Getting closer to your customer community activity is good business and will allow your enterprise organization to:

  • Respond to Customer Questions More Quickly

    Since all of your employees will see community activity (not just support, where customers traditionally turn) on your enterprise social network, questions are likely to be seen and responded to by an expert quickly.
  • Internalize Feedback to Build Better Products

    Now that your organization’s product teams see incoming feedback directly in their Activity Stream, they can be more in tune with your customers' needs.
  • Identify Your Champions

    Discover which community members are your best brand advocates, and identify them in the community. Community champions will spread your brand love, help out other customers, and will contribute great content to your community!

“Channeling what our customers say in Get Satisfaction directly into Yammer makes us even more responsive and efficient and brings us closer to our customers. This integration will help us build even better products.”

  • Alden Fertig
  • UStream Product Manager

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The Get Satisfaction and Yammer integration is available on all paid Get Satisfaction plans. Learn more about this integration: