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About Kenandy

Kenandy is the leading cloud-based ERP application. The company was founded by industry legend Sandra Kurtzig—the first woman to take a technology company public and author of Building a $400 Million Company from the Ground Up. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Kenandy’s ERP system includes applications for order- to-cash, planning and production, procure-to-pay and global financials. The company’s product portfolio has widespread appeal: Kenandy more than doubled in size last year, and will likely double again in 2014.

The Business Case for Community

In 2012, Kenandy’s leadership team had a vision for a private online community for its customers, partners and employees—a place where they could go to ask questions, share ideas, find training resources and submit support tickets. It envisioned a single, seamless experience across all customer-facing systems with community at the hub.

The Community Effect

Single portal for all customer needs

Today, Kenandy leverages Get Satisfaction’s community platform as the core of its online customer support ecosystem. The company implemented a private community using Get Satisfaction’s integration with Salesforce. This community is a part of Kenandy’s cloud-based product, available to all customers and partners via one single sign-on.

“Once users are logged into Kenandy, they just need to click a button to get to the Kenandy Community, and the community recognizes who they are,” said Stewart Florsheim, Kenandy’s Vice President of Marketing Communications. “Once they are in the community, they can search and create conversations, share ideas, access other resources and log support tickets in Salesforce. All of the technical resources we have for clients are searchable in one central place, available when and where they need it.” Kenandy has also added Get Satisfaction widgets to its online Help, so customers can easily get to the community for additional information.

Responsive to demands for self-service support

Kenandy’s community has proven to be an increasingly popular way for customers to get support questions answered via self-service—something Kenandy’s tech- savvy users are well accustomed to. The company has seen a reduction in the number of support cases it receives through traditional channels. “Early on, we populated the community with commonly-asked questions,” said Florsheim. “That list continues to grow as more questions are submitted and answered. The number of conversations in our community has grown more than four-fold since we launched two years ago.”

Best practices and idea-sharing

Some Kenandy customers use the community to make suggestions for enhancements, or to share best practices. Once a tip has been posted, other customers can vote or weigh in with their input. “Customers are finding creative approaches to using our products, and the community is becoming a place where customers share their best practices and ideas about product enhancements,” said Florsheim. “One of our clients submitted an idea about adding the ability to send mass emails to suppliers. It’s a good one, and we’re considering it.”

Selling advantage with large enterprises

The existence of Kenandy’s online community and associated customer resources represents a selling advantage for the company, especially with larger prospects that bring high service standards to their evaluation process, according to Marc Burckin, Kenandy’s Senior Director of Customer Success. “With the community and its surrounding offering, we demonstrate that we have the necessary infrastructure and support that large enterprise customers expect and deserve.”

Emergence of active product champions

The Kenandy Community is still mostly used as a way for Kenandy to create conversations based on its interactions with customers, or for customers to create conversations themselves. Kenandy is also focused on identifying and motivating power users who are willing to have a voice in the community in exchange for special privileges. “In any active community, there is a subset of people with the desire and potential to have an impact,” explained Florsheim. “When their enthusiasm and opinions are leveraged into a social context, it can have a strong influence on other customers and prospects.”

What’s next?

Kenandy stays on top of new Get Satisfaction enhancements, and implements those that will be useful to customers. For example, the company recently implemented the new federated search, so when a client conducts a search on the community, it also pulls in results from other related resources, such as technical documentation. Kenandy is also experimenting internally with private categories, reserved areas that only allow specific users to create and share conversations. This feature might be useful for some of Kenandy’s large enterprise customers.

Community as a differentiator

Kenandy believes it is offering customers a truly differentiated experience—one that helps to retain existing customers and supports its sales cycle with new ones. Inherently web-savvy, Kenandy’s customers appreciate the ability to self-serve when they want, harness the power of the crowd when they want and escalate to a support ticket when they want—all within one seamless experience. “One of the many great features about Kenandy Cloud ERP is the ability to collaborate,” said Sandra Kurtzig, Kenandy’s Chairman and CEO. “For example, a purchasing agent and a supplier can collaborate in real- time, and the conversation is retained in the context of the purchase order. The Kenandy Community extends the idea of collaboration to online support, allowing Kenandy customers, partners and employees to answer each other’s questions—and share ideas and best practices— directly from the product.”

About Get Satisfaction

Based in San Francisco, Get Satisfaction provides an online community platform connecting companies with customers to foster relationships that unlock new value for both sides. Companies of all sizes and industries—from Kellogg’s, P&G and Intuit to Sonos, HootSuite and SugarCRM—rely on Get Satisfaction to deliver online communities that modernize customer support, accelerate sales, differentiate their brand and inspire new innovations. Get Satisfaction’s community platform offers the fastest time to value for companies ready to embrace the way today’s customers want to engage.

“The Kenandy Community extends the idea of collaboration to online support, allowing Kenandy customers, partners and employees to answer each other’s questions—and share ideas and best practices—directly from the product.”

Sandra Kurtzig

Sandra Kurtzig, Chairman and CEO, Kenandy

Business Results

  • Private customer portal with community at the hub
  • One central place where users can search and access all technical content
  • Gradual deflection of customer support tickets
  • Increased idea and best practice sharing between customers
  • Greater selling advantage with enterprise customers
  • More insight into customers’ emerging product expectations

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