The Need for Conversation

Koodo Mobile launched six years ago with the intention of disrupting the telecom market with their ridiculously low prices and simple, straight-forward business model. They knew that in order to do this they had to keep costs low in what can be one of the most expensive functions of any business — support.

One of the benefits of the Social Revolution, explains Nathan Roth, Sr Manager of Digital and Social at Koodo, is that people and companies both have reasons to be excited about engaging online. People like being publishers, having a voice. And companies appreciate having these conversations with their customers...especially when they can tap them for peer-to-peer support and word-of-mouth advocacy. The results are in — through their Get Satisfaction community, Koodo has scaled to become Canada’s most recommended mobile carrier, while achieving a cost-effective 99.9% customer self-service rate.

The Art: How It Works

Koodo Mobile Koodo incentivizes self help through community.

  1. Responsive Design — Community content is optimized to display on any device with a screen of any size.
  2. Search Engine Indexing — Through Get Satisfaction’s high rank, the Koodo community gets millions of organic visits from search each month.
  3. Searchable Content — The ability to offer a federated search experience enables Koodo to display other knowledge content in-community.
  4. Ease of Use — Get Satisfaction is designed to help customers quickly find resolution to their issues.
  5. Champions Program — Koodo needed to enable customer Champions with special tools to allow them to serve other customers peer-to-peer.

Since launching their community in September of 2011, the customer self-service rate has risen steadily while the number of one-to-one contacts has decreased. “When you have as many customers as we do,” said Nathan, “every increase in self-service has huge impact on our business.” As of the end of 2012, the self-service rate had surpassed 99% — all of it attributable to the community. But they knew they could do better.

The Science: Community Impact

Strategy and Early Results - From the beginning, Koodo leveraged social capital to get people to participate. In the community, they use badges and points to encourage productive participation. Within two months, they saw impressive results — self-help increased by 15%, active users rose 72%, and peer-to-peer support rate increased 21%.

At the same time, they discovered that the top 1% of community members were spending as much as 15 hours a week in the community answering questions. “That’s when we learned you don’t need everyone in your community answering questions for peer-to-peer support to work. You just need the top 1%,” Nathan explained.

Management - To capture the passion of the 1% they created a customer champions program — called Mobile Masters — to further incentivize customers with special perks, information, and badges in the community. This was the push Koodo needed to close the gap on self-service support. They’ve now reached a 99.9% self-service rate. Koodo’s community is the most active and visited support forum within Canadian telecoms with Customers get answers to their questions in an average of 12 minutes!

in addition, Koodo is leveraging the “Get Satisfaction for Salesforce” connector to expose relevant customer conversations to each Koodo department. Every single employee in the company gets a customized report with relevant customer conversations from social and the community. When a Pricing Manager launches a new rate plan, for example, he immediately receives feedback on only that rate plan in his custom report. This gives each employee unprecedented access to voice of the customer feedback, and allows them to take ownership over their impact on the customer experience.

The Community Effect

Koodo has proven that customer community is a powerful tool to create a scalable self-service model. But “efficiency” is only half the story. Their customers have spoken — Koodo Mobile is Canada’s favorite and fastest growing telecom, with the highest satisfaction rates and word-of-mouth recommendation.

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