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About ServiceRocket

For over a decade, ServiceRocket has helped software companies and their customers get the most out of software. With over 100 engineers across the US, Australia and Malaysia, the company provides support, training and implementation services, working every day to transform great software products into complete solutions. Many of the world’s largest software providers, including Cisco, Adobe Systems and Symantec, use ServiceRocket to scale their support. And some of the largest enterprises—from Bayer and Deutsche Bank to AT&T—rely on ServiceRocket to gain the full value from their software investments. ServiceRocket also uses its software development expertise to create a range of plugins and connectors as well as an on-demand software training platform.

The Business Case for Community

As experts in software and support, ServiceRocket must keep pace with any technology that will help it outperform across those two areas. The company decided an online community was an ideal extension of its traditional tech support and a great way to satisfy customers who expect technology-enabled interactions. At the same time, ServiceRocket knew a community was the perfect place to showcase its commitment to transparent, honest communication with customers and prospects.

The Community Effect

Better understanding of customer requirements

In 2008, ServiceRocket launched its online community as the go-to place for thousands of customers to ask questions or share problems with ServiceRocket support engineers and nearly 3,000 community members. This self-help capability has greatly reduced inbound support inquiries. But even more important is ServiceRocket’s ability to meet customers’ expectation for self-service capabilities. “Many of our end users prefer to quickly self-serve via the community rather than having email or phone contact,” said ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda. An added benefit is the creation of a deep knowledgebase of questions and answers for future community visitors.

Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud

One of ServiceRocket’s company values is “talk straight.” Employees are expected to be honest and forthcoming about everything, not just with their peers but with customers as well. With its inherently open nature, an online community deserves the same commitment, according to Castaneda. “If you engage in an honest and open manner, especially when you are dealing with a sensitive issue, you earn the customer’s respect and your interaction becomes a conversation rather than a trial.”

ServiceRocket also makes a practice of publishing company information, such as new products or releases, in the community. Recently company leadership decided to charge for a number of components that had previously been free, and they chose to explain the rationale and share the pricing model in the community. Most customers understood, but there was some backlash from the non-profit sector. ServiceRocket listened carefully to the feedback and ultimately made the decision to create an exception for nonprofits. “The community was a great place to share this kind of information and the customer feedback we received allowed us to adjust our strategy to meet everyone’s needs,” Castaneda said.

Raising visibility with prospects through increased SEO

ServiceRocket’s community has assisted the company in finding new prospects because the Get Satisfaction platform is uniquely structured to rank higher in search engine queries. “The optimized search capability means more site traffic for us, and it goes far beyond simple brand awareness. It’s content related to our support offerings and our products,” said Castaneda.

The community is also integrated with ServiceRocket’s Salesforce.com implementation, so community data such as topics, conversations and usage is visible in the company’s CRM system. With that visibility, sales reps have more intelligence about what stage of the sales cycle a customer is in and can prioritize accordingly. “We’re always looking to have as much context about a customer as we can. If they’re trying out our products and posting feedback in the community, it makes sense for our team to know what is being said and be able to quickly resolve any problems.”

A fresh new marketing touch point

The community has proven to be a valuable asset in ServiceRocket’s marketing toolkit. “We strive for fifteen touches in our marketing efforts,” said Castaneda. “Whether it’s an e-book, a blog, a tradeshow or a community conversation, the more touch points we have, the more comfortable our prospects become.” In fact, Castaneda says community interactions serve as a refreshing alternative to traditional touch points. “Connections over community can feel less ‘salesy’ than a follow up call from a rep,” he explained.

Why Get Satisfaction?

ServiceRocket wanted to steer clear of forum technology that was only usable by a technical customer. “Our goal was to be accessible and friendly for any kind of end user,” Castaneda said. Get Satisfaction offered an easy- to-use, highly intuitive interface that met the needs of power users and beginners alike. The ability to embed community in places where customers need it most, like within a product or on a Facebook page, was another selling point.

Community as a differentiator

Customer experience is the sum total of interactions a customer has with a company over time. With its online community, ServiceRocket is delivering a tech support experience customers and prospects increasingly expect, and it is doing it in an engaging way. Every day, the company has numerous opportunities to create memorable, authentic experiences that go far beyond what’s possible in traditional channels. In a highly competitive industry, this kind of personal and responsive exchange gives ServiceRocket a decisive edge.

About Get Satisfaction

Based in San Francisco, Get Satisfaction provides an online community platform connecting companies with customers to foster relationships that unlock new value for both sides. Companies of all sizes and industries—from Kellogg’s, P&G and Intuit to Sonos, HootSuite and SugarCRM—rely on Get Satisfaction to deliver online communities that modernize customer support, accelerate sales, differentiate their brand and inspire new innovations. Get Satisfaction’s community platform offers the fastest time to value for companies ready to embrace the way today’s customers want to engage.

“By integrating our community into our Salesforce Service Cloud application, we now have a unified view of all customer support interactions.”

Rob Castaneda

Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket

Business Results

  • Reduction in support tickets while giving customers support on their terms
  • Two-way communication channel that builds trust and loyalty
  • User-generated content that delivers higher SEO rankings
  • More prospects receiving highly relevant content
  • New marketing touch point, with less salesmanship and more connection

Community Vitals

  • 4,200+ community conversations
  • 2,900+ community members
  • 250+ replies to queries from end users posted by a single customer

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